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Weather In Jhansi

Jhansi located atop the rock-strewn plateau of the central Indian terra firma experiences extreme kind of climate characterized with scorching hot summers, cold frosty winters and moderate rain showers.

Summer in Jhansi extends from April to June when the days are boiling and sunny while the nights are comparatively cool and tolerable. The mercury generally fluctuates between 25c (minimum) and 47c (maximum) with the average daily temperature pertaining to the grade between 35c and 40c. May is the hottest month of the year and tourists normally avoid visiting Jhansi during summer.

Monsoon reaches the plateau of Jhansi in the month of late June and drenches the terrain till late September. Though the rains bring significant respite from the sweltering heat of summer, the humidity in the atmosphere gets built up during this season and consequently the temperature maintains the level of 36c. Almost all of the precipitation is received from the Southwest Monsoon and the average annual rainfall of Jhansi records to 900 mm (approx.)

Autumn in Jhansi stretches between October and November when the days are warm and clear while the nights are cool and pleasant. During this period of time the mercury oscillates in the region of 20c and 30c.

Winter arrives with the retreat of autumn and holds the reigns from late November to early February with December being the coldest month of the year. Temperature usually ranges from 4c and 21c which at times even drops downer that the freezing level. The pleasurable and salubrious climate yields a delightful ambience and winter is the most ideal season for visiting Jhansi for outings and sightseeing excursions.

Spring settles in Jhansi in the month of February and fills the clime with its refreshing and gratifying air. The skies turn undimmed, the winds become dry and the ambient gets the most convivial and enjoyable during spring. The average temperature of this season hovers around 18c and 32c. Though this short lived season bids goodbye in the month of March, this is the most cozy and amicable time of the year and perfect for tourist activities in Jhansi.

October to March is the most suitable tourist season in Jhansi.