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Jhansi Festival

Jhansi Mahotsav
The Jhansi Mahotsav celebrated in the last week of February or the first week of March is the most fascinating cultural festival of the city that is organized by the tourism department of the Uttar Pradesh State Government every year. This weeklong festival; an eloquent exposition of Bundelkhand’s vivid cultural heritage is held at the open air auditorium in the vicinity of the State Archeological Museum of Jhansi. The open air auditorium spectacularly positioned against the imposing backdrop of the Jhansi Fort proves to be the prefect venue for the enticing performances of music and dance. These musical and dance concerts present the demonstrations of Suata, Rai and other local dances and Alha songs which give a splendid insight into the cultural legacy of Jhansi and the surrounding region. Apart from the dance and music programs, various other competitions, food festival and handicraft fair are also organized at the time of the Jhansi Mahotsav. Some of the competitions such as Mehendi competitions, Rangoli making competitions, cookery competitions, etc successfully highlight the local traditions and customs of Bundelkhand. These competitions are held at the State Archeological Museum while the handicraft fair and other events are organized at the Rani Lakshmibai Park. Jhansi beckons a high influx of tourists at the time of its annual Jhansi Mahotsav. No entry fee is charged for the visitors here.
Other important festivals of Jhansi include State Vegetables & Flowers Exhibition and St. Jude’s Feast.