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Weather In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur experiences tropical wet and dry climate which is characterized with hot summers, moderately cool winters and heavy rainfalls in monsoon. The average annual temperature of Jamshedpur is recorded to be around 27c.

Summer in Jamshedpur extends from March to June when the temperature variation is reported to be ranging between 45c and 22c. During the early summer months even though the days are warm and perspiring, the nights turn significantly comfortable and pleasing. Notwithstanding, the later summer months like April, May and June turn excessively blazing and scorching which render the outdoor activities such as traveling and sightseeing pretty difficult and disagreeable. Tourists can even fall victim to sunstroke. Summer is not the most ideal period of the year for tourism activities in Jamshedpur.

Monsoon reaches Jamshedpur plateau in the month of late June or early July and gives some relief from the sweltering fever of summer. Temperature drops down considerably, but on the other side it also leads to the rise in humidity level. The city receives about 1200 mm of average downpour from the south-west monsoon and August is the wettest month of the year. The nature infused with scenic plethora is at its best during monsoon and those who love rains really enjoy their days at Jamshedpur in the rainy season.

Winter sets in during the month of November and lasts till February when the average temperature extends from 6c to 28c. Winters are not severely cold and this is the most perfect time for indulging in various outdoor tourism activities and sightseeing. The winter days are cool and salubrious but the chilly breezes render the nights conspicuously cold. Tourists are recommended to carry light woolen clothes along if visiting Jamshedpur in winter. The Flower Show of Jamshedpur held in the month of December comprises the most appealing draw of winter when the kaleidoscopic world of flowers and plants ironically beckon tourists to this land of steel!

The best time for visiting Jamshedpur is from October to March.