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Weather In Jalandhar

Jalandhar experiences Humid Subtropical Climate which is characterized by hot summers and cool winters.

Summer sets in during the month of March and departs in June. May is the hottest month of the year and temperature ranges from minimum 25c to maximum 48c. During this season humidity is quite high and the combination of heat and humidity really renders the climate very unpleasant and not at all suitable for tourism industry. It is highly advisable not to visit Jalandhar in summer.

Monsoon extends from November to February when the temperature ranges between the minimum of -5c and the maximum of 19c. During the winter months the weather remains constantly cold and if you are paying a visit to Jalandhar during this period, you must carry your woolen clothing along. Winter is comparatively the perfect season to visit Jalandhar in.

Winter reaches the Jalandhar Plateau in the month of Mid June and drenches the city with its ordinary rainfall. Jalandhar hardly experiences heavy downpour and the average annual rainfall of this city is recorded to be around 70 cm. Rains are brought to Jalandhar by southwest monsoon and the climate becomes very humid and wet. Temperature hovers around 30c in the monsoon season. On the whole, the weather of Jalandhar is dry and humid. The most ideal season to visit Jalandhar is from October to March.