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Weather In Jaisalmer

The Jaisalmer weather is typical desert type climate with extreme variations in summer and winter conditions marked with hot summers and comparatively pleasant winters. Summer starts in April and extends till August. The atmosphere is extremely hot with day time temperature rising as high as 42c. Though, nights in Jaisalmer are quite cool as temperature comes down to 25c.

Winter in Jaisalmer is cool and pleasant as the average maximum temperature is recorded to be around 24c and the minimum temperature is 7c. Winter ranges from November to February. Monsoon in Jaisalmer is as good as nothing. This desert area suffers with scarce rain showers. The annual rainfall of monsoon in Jaisalmer is about 15 centimeters which is brought by western winds. Otherwise most of the year Jaisalmer remains dry just like other desert areas.

The best season to visit Jaisalmer is from October to March so as to avoid the hot summer days. Desert Festival celebrated in January or February is the main attraction of Jaisalmer. Ramdeo Festival is celebrated in the month of September.