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Weather In Indore

Indore experiences capricious weather which is marked with the regular upheaval between tropical wet & dry climate and humid subtropical climate. The three major seasons observed at Indore just like the rest of the country are summer, monsoon and winter.

Summer in Indore sets in during the month of mid-March and prevails till late June when the average temperature extends from 36c to 39c. The maximum temperature of Indore Plateau accelerates as high as 45c while the lowest ever recorded summer time temperature of Indore happens to be 21c. April and May are the hottest months of the year when scorching heat of summer renders all the tourism activities and sight seeing excursions next to impossible. During the day the fever is significantly soaring and humidity is considerably low. Tourists are exclusively advised to avoid visiting Indore in summer. However, the summer evenings and nights turn commendably bearable and pleasant due to the highly praised Shab-e-Malwa, i.e. the cool breeze of the Malwa terra firma. Evenings and nights yield some respite from the sweltering heat of the summer days.

Monsoon follows the lead of summer and reaches Indore in the month of mid June. Most of the rains received in Indore are brought from the southwest monsoons and 95% of the annual precipitation is recorded during the four monsoon months itself. The city is drenched with moderate to heavy rains till mid September. During the rainy season the general temperature substantially drops down and the weather turns remarkably agreeable and mollifying. Indore receives approximately 890 to 970 mm of annual downpour.

Winter in Indore extends from November to February when the weather typically turns moderate and dry. The temperature ranges from 4c to 30c during winter when days remain bright and sunny while the nights get chilly and nippy. At times the mercury drops as down as 2c but winter is the most pleasing and amiable of all the seasons and most ideal for outings and sight seeing. This is the perfect time of the year for roaming around the Indore city and exploring the unknown recesses of this historical conurbation.

Indore receives its highest intake of the tourists from October to March.