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Idukki Sightseeing

The Idukki arch DamSituated very close to the Cheruthoni Barrage
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Located in the Kothamangalam District of Idukki
Kurunjimala SanctuarySituated in Idukki district in Munnar region
Nedumkandam HillLocated in between Thekkady and Munnar
Thekkady Located very near to Idukki

The Idukki arch Dam

Location: Situated very close to the Cheruthoni Barrage
Constructed across the Kuravan and the Kurathi Hills, the Idukki Dam, is the world’s second and Asia’s first Arch Dam. It is situated very close to the Cheruthoni Barrage and is a mammoth structure of 650 ft in breath and 550 ft in height. This archdam bears the Kulamavu Dam to its west and the underground powerhouse at Moolamattam in its proximity.
The aquamarine water all around the dam offer breathtaking sights and the lush green vegetation that fringes these darling little water bodies are enchanting as well as rejuvenating. This magnificent dam is also a neighbour to the Idukki wildlife sanctuary.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Location: In the Kothamangalam District of Idukki
The Thattekad Bird Sanctuary was established by the celebrated ornithologist of India, Dr. Salim Ali. A haven to more than 500 species of exotic birds, this Bird Sanctuary is located in the Kothamangalam District of Idukki. With the tropical deciduous forests forming a thick cover, the Bird Sanctuary forms an ideal place to live an breed for the beautiful birds of this region.
Some of the enhanting birds that are found here are are bee-eater, falcon grey, jungle fowl, black-winged kite, shrike, crimson-throated barbet, Ceylon frogmoth, sunbird, night heron, blue-winged parakeet, white-breasted water hen, rose-billed roller, hornbill, etc. spread over an area of 25 square kilometers, between the tributaries of the Periyar River, the Sanctuary is a paradise for the naturalists and the environmentalists.
Apart from birds, the Sanctuary is also rich in flora and the reptilian fauna. Among the 28 species of animals found here, cobras and pythons can be easily located. Animals like Leopard, Bear and Porcupines are common. Among the floral variety, one can find find teak, mahogany and rosewood in large numbers in this sanctuary. These are also the trees that can be credited for covering the forest in a thick canopy of greenery.

Kurunjimala Sanctuary

Location: Situated in Idukki district in Munnar region .
The word Kurunjimala, in the native tongue means a mountain if Kurunji. Kurunji is the name of a blue flower found in this region. This flower is so enchanting and heart rending to look at, that the forest department holds an annual festival, called the Neelakurunji feast in the month of October each year in Munnar to mark the popularity of the flower. Kurunjimala is one of the many protected areas of the Idukki district. These protected areas are specially known for endangered species like tiger, Nilgiri Thar, Grizzled giant squirrel, Nilgiri Wood-pigeon, elephant, gaur, pigeon, sambar deer and Neelakurinji.

Nedumkandam Hill

Location: In between Thekkady and Munnar.
Nedumkandam, along with having a natural beauty and serenity is also the capital of the Idukki district. The place is enriched further by an Observatory Hill that is a perfect place for those who love to gaze at the heavenly bodies. The sky mostly remains clear in this region and the air is crisp with freshness.
Located in between Thekkady and Munnar, Nedumkandam is a longish town with a history of less than four decades, yet is a silent witness to the mass emigration from the lowlads of Kerela. The spurge of modernization in the town has led to immense development in the town, including a polytechnic, a Bed college, anumber of business centeres and many other Government offices.
Known for the superior quality of its spices, this little hill resort also has its economy based upon pepper and cardamom. Milk from these areas is circulated in he wee hours of the morning to all the other neighboring districts of Kochi, Kottayam, etc.


Location: Very near to Idukki
Very near to Idukki is the beautiful place called Thekkady