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If you are tired of a crowded beach and the hustle and bustle of travelers, then give those big names in Beaches a break and come to this unexplored paradise called Varkala. Located about 51 km north from the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram, this virgin territory of Varkala offers sapphire waters, azure blue skies, scintillating palm fringed beaches and clear golden sand the perfect ingredients that would make your holiday a sheer definition of a laidback dream. The high rising red cliffs all around guard the sparkling water like silent hermits and the view from the hill top is simply breathtaking. The Varkala also encases the famous Papanasam beach, and is dotted with numerous ayurvedic massage and wellness centers that see a steady inflow of tourists all around the year.
It is even a place of pilgrimage for the hindus because of the Sivagiri Mutt. Varkala has accommodations suiting all budgets and aspirations. Most of these hotels and apartments are close to the beach or the Janardana Swamy Temple. Varkala also promises fun and excitement to the adventure enthusiasts in the form of paragliding, para surfing, water rafting, a silent session of sunbath and of course an invigorating spell of swimming in the open sea.