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Nestled on the left banks of the river Tapi approximately 306 kilometers to the south of the state capital Gandhinagar, Surat is a metropolitan of Southern Gujarat and the administrative headquarters of the district of the same name. Acknowledged as the third cleanest city of the country and the second largest city of the state of Gujarat, Surat is the 13th most populated city of India. Accredited to be one of the fastest economically growing cities of the country (with the highest GDP growth rates), Surat has also earned the credential of being the forth most rapidly developing city in the world. No wonder this port city has been bestowed upon the title; the ‘commercial capital’ of Gujarat. Furnishing as a major port during the Mughal Era from where pilgrims sailed to Mecca and a foremost trade harbor in 17th and 18th century during the British Colonization from where textile, diamonds and spices were exported abroad, the present day Surat is anointed to the status of ‘the diamond capital’ of the world. Over 92% of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished here.
Apart from its thriving gem industry, Surat is extensively recognized for its booming textile enterprises. Also known as ‘the textile capital’‘ and ‘ ‘the Manchester of Gujarat’‘, Surat has also acquired a moniker, the ‘Embroidery capital of India’. This city boasts of having the highest number of embroidery machines as compared to any other Indian civic. Surat is equally acclaimed for its Saris, fine silk and extraordinary brocades such as Tanchoi, Kinkhab and Gajri woven with gold and silver threads. Here you will see a wide range of dazzling varieties of Saris and other fabric, and that too at a comparatively lower rate. It won’t be an overstatement to declare that 1 out of every 5 saris is manufactured in Surat. But, it should be noted that there is much more in the casket of Surat than just textile looms and diamond industries. Surat Municipal Corporation has recently identified about 2,800 heritage structures in the city and has decided to promote Surat more as a tourism hub.