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Commended with the sobriquet ‘Tirth Raj’ which means ‘the King of all the pilgrimage destinations’ and eulogized as one of the oldest existing cities of the country, Pushkar is a conurbation highly aggrandized by every Hindu as the abode of Lord Brahma. Even the most auspicious Char Dham Pilgrimage of India is not deemed complete without taking a holy dip in the sanctified waters of the Pushkar Lake. Cuddled in the midst of the rugged Aravalli mountain ranges along the banks of the Pushkar Lake, this temple town is located about 14 kilometers to the northwest of Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan. Referred to by the Ramayana and the Mahabharata as the ‘Adi Tirth’, Pushkar is accredited as one of the very few sites on the earth where Lord Brahma; the Creator God is worshipped.
The term ‘Pushkar’ finds its genesis in the Sanskrit lingo where it means ‘a blue lotus flower’. As the legend goes, when Lord Brahma killed a demon named ‘Vajra Nabha’ with his lotus weapon, a lotus petal fell on the earth and Pushkar was forged. Subsequently Lord Brahma performed a sacrificial ‘Yagna’ at this place. Acknowledged far and wide for its religious significance what multiplies the renown of Pushkar is its Pushkar Fair, one of the biggest cattle fairs in the world. Pushkar; the supreme composite of mythology, religion, history, culture and Rajasthani ethnicity is a unique herald of a hardcore ‘Indian Experience’. Combined with stunning majesty of desert, multicolored and lively culture and sincere religious devotion, Pushkar; the blessed domicile of all the Hindu deities is indeed a prime destination for the devotees as well as enthusiastic tourists.

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