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National Park

Nestled on the southern periphery of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh adjoining the brinks of Maharashtra and roosted along the meridional reaches of the Satpura Mountain Ranges the Pench National Park; the celebrated realm of tigers is a wildlife reserve and a conservation area that provides a safe haven to diverse species of birds, animals, reptiles and amphibians in a secured natural habitat. The Pench Tiger Reserve is honored to be the 19th Project Tiger Reserve of India. Covering the woodsy expanses of the Seoni and Chhindwara districts and cuddled in the AVSM Belt (Aravali, Vindhyanchal, Satpura and Maikal Ranges) the Pench National Park is spread over an all-encompassing sweep of about 758 square kilometers. The sanctuary derives its epithet from the name of the river Pench that cruises through the park in a serpentine course from north to south.
Prospering in its biodiversity and enveloped with the dense veil of tropical moist deciduous forest the topography of the Pench National Park bears the veneer that is featured with the lofty hills, intermittent precipitous slopes and luxuriant valleys teeming with abounding foliage. The undulating terrain of Pench dressed up in teak mixed woodlot varies in its altitude from 425 meters to 675 meters above the MSL. The landscape is traversed by oodles of seasonal streams, rivulets, perennial springs and several water pools locally known as ‘doh’ which act as the source of drinking water for the wild animals, especially when the Pench River dries up in summer. A dam has been constructed over the Pench River on the south-eastern fringes of the Pench National Park.

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