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One of the oldest incessantly peopled places on the earth and enjoying a rank of prominence in the pages of Indian History, Patna (Pataliputra) the erstwhile capital of the Magadha Empire and the second largest megalopolis of eastern India presently serves as the administrative headquarters of the Bihar State. Deemed the most populated conurbation of the state and graded the 5th fastest growing city of the country, Patna is rated second after Delhi in terms of its business supportive environs. Nestled on the southern banks of the river Ganga and also nurtured by Sone, Punpun and Gandak rivers, Patna, the ancient seat of arts and learning today blooms as a vital commercial and educational hub of eastern India. Patna is the land where the arch emperors of Indian Subcontinent flourished and the greatest Gurus of different religions preached. Flanked by several Hindu, Buddhist and Jain pilgrim destinations such as Vaishali, Bodhgaya, Nalanda, Rajgir, Pawapuri and Keshariya and honored to be the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh; the last Guru of Sikhism, Patna basks in the glory of its illustrious history and its imperial religious magnitude. And what’s more, Patna was also the esteemed domicile of the legendary scholars and astrologers of India including Chanakya, Panini, Aryabhatta, Vatsyayana, Sthalabhadra and Ashvaghosha. Teeming with innumerable historical, religious, architectural and archaeological wonders, Patna is indisputably a must visit destination at least once in a lifetime.

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Element Hometel
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