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“God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.”
Nainital, the supreme plethora of allure and comeliness proves Martin Luther truer than he could ever ask for! This ‘Lake District’ of Uttarakhand nestled in the Gagar Valley amidst the lofty peaks of the Kumaon Hills is one of the most celebrious and most cherished hill stations of India. Divided into two parts Tallital and Mallital, Nainital is positioned around the celebrated Naini Lake in the state of Uttarakhand. Enclosed by an assortment of seven mountain crests, the chief of them being Mount Naina, Mount Deopatha and Mount Ayarpatha, Nainital, the treasure land of lakes, hills and infinite natural elegance is indeed a paradise for nature lovers and a fantastic vacation locus for young and old alike. Eternally blessed with the romantic stroke of pristine beauty and salubrious climate, Nainital is the most gleaming jewel in the dazzling diamond necklace of the Himalayas. The charismatic town of Nainital situated in a valley containing the pear shaped lake has a lot to offer. Be it boating, yachting, and paddling in the numerous lakes of this ‘Lake District’ or exploring the hills, making friends with the animals in the zoo or peacefully sitting back feeling the touch of Mother Nature, everything is at your service in Nainital. Certainly, Nainital is a tourist’s surprise and photographers’s delight. It’s a reverie of an artist and a stimulation of a poet. P. Barron, the father of Nainital was right when he said, “It is by far the best site I have witnessed in the course of a 1,500 miles trek in the Himalayas.”

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Corbett Camp Resort
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Dynasty Resort, Khurpatal
Khurapatal, NAINITAL
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Kampland Nature Resort
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Dolmaar Resort
Bajiyaghat Khat Godam, NAINITAL
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Ashoka's Naini Chalet Resort