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Settled at the footings of the Chamundi Hills, ‘Mysore’ is acclaimed as ‘The City of Palaces’. Being the second largest city of the state of Karnataka, Mysore is the headquarters of Mysore district. Till mid 20th century, the area that falls into Karnataka State was known by the name Mysore.
Situated about 140 km southwest of Bangalore, the capital of the state, Mysore is one of the most favorite tourist destinations and is recognized worldwide for its sandalwood and Mysore silk.
Mysore is named after the Goddess ‘Mahishasur Mardini’, the Goddess who killed the demon called ‘Mahish’ according to Hindu Mythology. The temple of this Goddess Kali, also worshipped as the Goddess Chamundeshwari, is situated at Chamundi Hills and is famous for its magnificent dome and the beautiful sculptures carved upon it.
The legendary Mysore city is well known for its grand ‘Mysore Palace’, Dasara festival, Brindavan Garden, Mysore Pak and Mysore Style– a style of painting originated in Mysore.

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Grand Maurya Resort
Hinkal, MYSORE
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White Orchid Resorts
Siddalingapura, MYSORE
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Chitravana Resorts
Manandavady Road, MYSORE
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Silent Shores Resort & Spa
Hootagalli, MYSORE
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The Windflower Resorts & Spa
Nazarbad, MYSORE