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Mount Abu, the pinnacle crowning one of the oldest mountain ranges of India, the Aravalli mountain ranges, is the only hill station of the state of Rajasthan. Allegorically called ‘Paradise of Rajasthan’ and ‘Oasis in the desert’, Mount Abu is a very delightful and amiable retreat from the exploding heat of summer. Situated quite close to the Rajasthan - Gujarat boundary, Mount Abu comprises an adorable tourist terminus both for Gujaratis and Rajasthanis as well as other Indian and foreign tourists.
The Aravalli mountain ranges compose a distinctive tableland of 9 km by 22 km at the culmination of 3,819 ft. (1,164 meters). This is the terrain where Mount Abu is situated. Guru Shikhar, the apex of Aravalli mountain ranges is fixed at the elevation of 1722 meters. An exclusive combination of ever green forests, shimmering lakes, tumbling waterfalls, brimming rivers, architectural and archeological heritage and a religious pilgrimage accomplish Mount Abu as perfect holiday refuge for the people of different ages, interests and concerns.
The arching roads traversing through the exuberant flourishing forests ornamented with its rich flora takes you uphill from Abu Road. Cruising through this pearly threshold to heaven is really bliss in its self. Mount Abu, the summer capital of Rajaputana, is a convergence where both natural and human enterprises accomplice and in their merger is created an Arcadia on earth.

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Hotel Hillock
Main Road, MOUNT ABU
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Mount Road, MOUNT ABU
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Palanpur Palace
Delwara Road, MOUNT ABU