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The largest, most populated and the richest city of Punjab; Ludhiana is widely reckoned by the nickname the ‘Manchester of India’. Placed nearly 100 km to the west of the state capital Chandigarh, Ludhiana is located right in the heart of the Punjab State. Stationed on the banks of the river Satluj, Ludhiana is based halfway on the National Highway no 1 that annexes New Delhi with Amritsar. Despite of being a part of the Malwa region of the state, Ludhiana comes under the hegemony of Patiala Division.
This municipal corporation, functioning as the district headquarters of the Ludhiana District, also happens to be the most flourishing industrial hub and the preeminent focal point of international trade in North India. Hosiery goods, sewing machines, machine tools, cycle parts, motor parts, mopeds, dyes and many other manufactures are exported to all the international markets of the east and the west, including superpowers like Russia and America from here. Enjoying its prime time in agricultural industry as well, Ludhiana is the shepherd of the Indian ‘Green Revolution’ and also a home to India's leading Agriculture University; Punjab Agricultural University.
Sprouting economy and tourism industry of Ludhiana draws myriads of tourists from all quarters of country and globe. Brimming with multitudinous pilgrim places, shopping centers, museums, historic monuments, and numerous recreational sectors, Ludhiana is one of the most burgeoning tourist destinations of the country today. Treasuring its grandiloquent cultural heritage and acclaimed for its genial hospitality, Ludhiana cordially receives its guests with warm and congenial approach. The most exceptional feature of the city is the nationwide program of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ (Guest is God) undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism with the objective of promoting tourism in Ludhiana.

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