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Khandala is an enchanting hill resort located on the western slopes of the Sahyadri Mountain Range of Western Maharashtra. Perched up at an altitude of about 625meters above the sea level, Khandala poises as a perfect repository for the urban population of the two of the most industrialized cities of Maharashtra, namely Mumbai and Pune, which are located at a distance of 101km and 69km respectively from Khandala. It is also widely known as the twin hill resort of Lonavla that is situated just 5km away.
Endowed with innumerous natural resources and a panoramic beauty, Khandala is paradise for the adventure enthusiasts. Its cool and congenial atmosphere throughout the year makes it immensely popular and a perfectly apt spot for outdoor activities. The verdant hills all around also exude the aroma of a natural elegance and allure the lovers of nature with a promise of a peaceful retreat in the lap of nature.
The history of Khandala is still under the canopy of anonymity. It is assumed that the legendary leader of Maharashtra, namely Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had ruled an area very near to Khandala. In the later years, it was supposed to have been taken over by the courageous Peshwas and finally the British took control over the land. All the modernizations that are part of Khandala today are a result of the colonial rule of the British Empire.

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