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Guruvayoor, also spelt as ‘Guruvayur’ and ‘Gurupavanapuri’ is a municipality in the Thrissur district of the state of Kerala. This precinct has earned the stature of prestige on the international front as a leading pilgrim destination due to its immensely aggrandized ‘Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple’. Often accredited with the laurel ‘Bhuloka Vaikunta’ meaning ‘The Vaikunta on the Earth’, Guruvayoor is also frequently referred to as the ‘Dwarka of South’. Eminently worshipped by the devotees as ‘Krishna Guruvayoorappan’, the temple of Guruvayoor is highly esteemed in Southern India in the lines of Tirupati and Sabarimala Shrines. This temple of Lord Vishnu is honored to be the forth biggest pilgrim destinations in India in terms of its daily intake of the pilgrims.
Positioned about 28 kilometers to the northwest of Thrissur; the cultural capital of Kerala, this bustling ethereal abode of Lord Vishnu is also praised for its breathtaking scenic beauty, coastal proximity and serene milieu. This small township of ‘God’s Own Country’ is believed to be christened after the names of the celestial ‘Guru’ i.e. the teacher of the Gods – ‘Lord Brihaspati’ and the Wind God i.e. ‘Lord Vayoo’. As the legend goes, Lord Guru and Lord Vayoo were instructed by Lord Krishna to retrieve an idol of Lord Vishnu that was worshipped by Him during His lifetime from the anticipated flood at Dwarka after His demise. Guru and Vayoo following the command of Lord Krishna brought the idol from Dwarka to this place in Kerala via sea route and enshrined it here. Thus this province came to be known as ‘Guruvayoor’ i.e. ‘belonging to Guru and Vayoo’.
Guruvayoor; the blessed domicile of Lord Krishna is also famous in Kerala as a felicitous wedding venue and beginning your new life under the grace of Guruvayoorappan is considered to be extremely auspicious and fortunate. Aside from its religious magnitude, Guruvayoor is also reckoned far and wide as the popular center of Carnatic Music and traditional Indian dance forms. ‘Krishnattam Kali’ is a folk dance of Kerala that was originated in the Krishna Temple of Guruvayoor. One of the most noteworthy attractions of the city is its ten days long annual ‘Guruvayoor Utsavam’ celebrated in the month of February or March. Except for the world famous Guruvayoor Temple, Guruvayoor, bequeathed with other sightseeing places including other temples, palaces, museums, elephant sanctuary, and so on, has also made its mark as one of the flourishing tourist destinations of the Indian peninsula.

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