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Have you always dreamt of a holiday destination with green hills, cool breeze, valleys redolent with wild orchids and rhododendrons, lovely monasteries and a pristine and panoramic view from every nook and corner of the street? Then here is a city that can make all your dreams come true – Gangtok.
Snuggled in a ridge of a hillock in the Eastern Himalayas, this capital of the smallest state of India, Sikkim, is the most frequented place for the honeymooners and the lovers of nature. Gangtok is held in high esteem by the tourists from all over India, particularly because of the enchanting and captivating view of Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. In fact the entire Kanchenjunga range is worshipped here as a local deity
Gangtok is a potpourri of various cultures and ethnicities that live in perfect concord and harmony. The presence of Buddhists, Tibetans, Chinese and Hindus lend a unique air to Gangtok that breathes of ‘unity in diversity’
Gangtok is an ideal pace to try some Tibetan food. It is also a paradise for the shopaholics. Woolens, carpets, wooden and carved decorative items and Thangkas of the best variety are available here. Gangtok also opens up ample scope for the adventure enthusiasts in terms of trekking, rock climbing, white water rafting and yak safari.
Gangtok is an ideal destination for the honeymooners. With the backdrop of the azure blue sky against a gallery of pristine mountain range and cool refreshing breeze, the place offers a perfect opportunity for the people in love to unwind and relax in the reposeful lap of Mother Nature

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Mayfair Spa & Resort
Ranipool, GANGTOK