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Gandhinagar, the administrative headquarters of state of Gujarat and often acclaimed as the ‘Greenest Capital’ in India is a charming little metropolis stationed on the western banks of the Sabarmati River. Located in a green farm belt at the distance of just 23 kilometers to the north of Ahmedabad; the commercial capital of Gujarat and the biggest city of the state, Gandhinagar happens to be the second planned city of the country after Chandigarh. Divided into 30 integrated and self sufficient sectors, the Gandhinagar City was designed and instituted after the partition of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Each of these sectors is exclusively self sufficing endowed with its own shopping centers, health centers, community centers, primary schools, government and private housing, wide open parks, generous plantation areas, huge recreational nooks perched along the banks of the Sabarmati River, so on and so forth. The city outline of Gandhinagar yields an expansive and very skillfully and systematically constituted look of an architecturally organized conurbation.
Christened after the ‘Father of the Nation’ Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhinagar; the verdurous green garden city of Gujarat is indeed an oasis in the midst of scorching and sweltering atmosphere of western India. Gandhinagar is the base of almost all the chief Government organizations, administrative offices, leading educational and research institutes and also a number of factories and trade centers of Gujarat. The all state administrative head offices are also located in Gandhinagar. Keeping pace with the ever progressing economical pivot of Gujarat; Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar is also undergoing a rapid acceleration in the field of trade and commerce. Burgeoning as the twin city of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar the home of gardens, temples, historical and architectural monuments, forts and national parks is prospering as a favorite tourist destination in the state of Gujarat. The most noteworthy attraction of Gandhinagar is its world famous Akshardham Temple dedicated to the Lord Swaminarayan of Swaminarayan sect.

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