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The city of Chennai is one of the spectacular specimens of urban life in India. Abounding with tradition, culture and heritage, this bustling metropolis is the third largest industrial and commercial hub of India. Located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is often hailed as the automobile capital of India. It is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and is referred to as ‘the gateway to South’, as the city is representative of the rich socio-cultural ethos of the entire Southern Part of India
Earlier known as ‘Madras’, Chennai was originally a sleepy fishing hamlet established by the British in 1639. Ever since then, it has been the lucrative place for settlement of the colonizers. Hence, the Portuguese, the Dutch and of course the British had made Chennai their home. The Gothic style structures and churches strewn across the city bear the evidence of such foreign intrusions in the city ever since its inception.
As a metropolis, Chennai is a perfect blend of ethnicity and charm. With lovely beaches, sculptures, forts, other historic buildings, parks and religious places, Chennai unfurls before the eyes of a traveler as a city with incessant growth, shifting in harmony with the modern times.
One of the most premier attractions of Chennai is the spectacular Marina Beach. Hailed as the longest beach in Asia, it stretches over an expansive length of 13km, enthralling the visitors with its natural beauty and elegance. Apart from its natural and cultural heritage, Chennai is also slowly and steadily becoming a hub of the IT industry. The Tidel Park spread over 1.28 million square feet of built up area is Chennai’s newest pride housing several large national and international software companies in its premises.