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Amritsar, the ‘Spiritual Capital’ of Sikhism and the home to the world famous ‘Golden Temple’ is a municipal corporation in the Majha region of the state of Punjab. This city, serving as the administrative capital of the Amritsar District is located approximately 217 kilometers from the state capital Chandigarh and about 32 kilometers from Lahore, the capital of our neighboring country Pakistan. Initially known by two other titles; ‘Ramdaspur’ and ‘Guru Ki Nagri’, the city Amritsar has derived its present appellation from two words ‘Amrit’ and ‘Sar’. ‘Amrit’ means the divine nectar and ‘Sar’ is the short form of Sarovar meaning water tank. Thus, the term ‘Amritsar’ can be explained as ‘the Holy Pool of Nectar’ which refers to the big water tank situated adjacent the sacred Golden Temple.
Amritsar, one of the most ancient civics of the country is a foremost religious and spiritual pivot as well as a leading cultural and historical center of Sikhism in India. Acclaimed as the ‘Jewel of Punjab’, Amritsar is a prosperous gallery of national heritage and a proud anchorage of highly venerated places of worship and pilgrimage. It is also a harbor to important historical sites, vivacious monuments, folk art and culture and delectable traditional cuisine. Amritsar is an axis of Punjab’s political front and an opening to the Gulf Countries. Present day Amritsar is a thriving tourist destination in Northern India. Golden Temple of Amritsar draws more visitors than the Taj Mahal every year. Amritsar receives more than 100,000 tourists weekly and it happens to be the cardinal destination for NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) in the whole country.

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Radisson Blu Hotel Amritsar
Airport Road, AMRITSAR
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Hyatt Amritsar