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The largest city of Gujarat, the 7th largest in India and the 3rd fastest growing city of the world, ‘Ahmedabad’, is the precursory capital and current judicial and commercial capital of the state of Gujarat. Renowned as ‘The Manchester of the East’ and ‘the Karmabhumi of Mahatma Gandhi’, this city presents a fine admixture of historical and cultural heritage, tradition and vibrant modernism. The eventful and prosperous historical background of ‘Ahmedabad’ and the present industrial hustle bustle offers the visitor a rich kaleidoscopic and mystically panoramic experience to take away with. Situated on the banks of the river Sabarmati, this city is named after and known as the city of Sultan Ahmed Shah. A fascinating evidence of the happy alliance of Hindu and Islamic art and culture makes ‘Ahmedabad’ an endorsing tourist destination.

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Greenwoods Lake Resort and Spa
Vaishnovdevi Crossing, AHMEDABAD