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Weather In Haridwar

Haridwar perched at the footings of the Shivalik Mountain Ranges on the holy banks of the river Ganga experiences extreme kind of climate all round the year. Its proximity both with a vast water body and the Himalayan ranges heavily affects the climatic conditions of the city. The weather of Haridwar is typically characterized with hot summers and cold winters.

Summer extends from March to May when temperature ranges between 25c and 44c. The day time climate of summer in Haridwar is considerably hot but you can save yourself from the burning rays of the sun with the help of summer canopies and sun screen lotions. The more its hot; the cooler will be the water of the Ganges. Bathing in the river Ganga during summer serves two purposes; washing away the sins and also saving you from the smoldering heat. Though the summer days are bit scorching the nights turn quite pleasant and placid as the temperature usually drops down at that time.

Winter in Haridwar is extremely chilly and frigid. The maximum temperature in winter is reported to be about 24c while it goes as down as 6c at nights. The nights in winter are very cold and nippy and one must carry heavy woolen clothes along if you are paying a visit to Haridwar in winter. Even though, winter is the most pleasant and rejuvenating season to visit Haridwar. The mist that is created in the morning really adds to the scenic beauty of the place.

Monsoon sets in during the month of mid June and drenches the plateau till early October. The relieving downpours infuse life and freshness to every aspect of nature. Occasional heavy rains of Haridwar can spoil your sightseeing plans as the Ganges become turbulent at times and the rains render commuting quite difficult. The banks of the river get very slippery and it is not advisable to bath in the Ganga River if the currents are heavy and it is raining lavishly. The average annual rainfall at Haridwar is recorded to be about 2315.4 mm. The perfect time to pay a visit to this land of Gods is from October to March.