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Weather In Gwalior

Under the Kppen Climate Classification, the weather of Gwalior is categorized as the extreme kind of sub-tropical climate characterized with hot summers, dry and cool winters and wet and humid monsoon. As per the Thermal Reading Records of Gwalior, 48c was the highest ever reported temperature while -1c was the lowest the mercury ever dropped down to. The three major seasons experienced at Gwalior are summer, monsoon and winter.

Summer in Gwalior sets in during the month of March and lasts till early June when average daily temperature hovers around 33c to 35c. The summer of Gwalior is considered amongst the hottest summers of India and world when the scorching and sweltering solar rays and baking hot winds render the entire ambience significantly fiery and broiling. May and June happen to be the hottest months of the year when the temperature can easily raise as high as 45c. The minimum temperature of a summer day in Gwalior will hardly drop downer than 24c. Tourists are strongly recommended to not visit Gwalior in summer season especially if they are from cold regions of the world.

Monsoon reaches Gwalior plateau in the month of Late June and brings some relief from the baking heat of summer. However, with the descent of mercury humidity in the weather rapidly increases. Monsoon in Gwalior lasts till late September or early October and August happens to be the wettest month of the year. Gwalior receives approximately 970 mm of average annual precipitation out of which 310 mm is collected in August itself. Gwalior gathers constant torrential rainfall during the four months of rainy season and at times the city faces several epidemics and minor diseases too. Tourists generally prefer to avoid visiting Gwalior in monsoon.

Winter extends from early November to late February when the weather of Gwalior is at its finest. By and large winter is marked with moderate cold with average temperature ranging from 14c to 16c. The maximum temperature of a winter day in Gwalior will barely rise higher than 21c while it can drop as down as 6c. January is the coldest month of the year when the average temperature varies from 5c to 7c. Occasionally the nights of January experience intense cold when temperature subsides close to the freezing level. The best season to visit Gwalior for tourism purposes is winter and spring which stretches from September to November and February to March.