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Weather In Guruvayoor

Guruvayoor experiences dry tropical climate most part of the year. The weather remains considerably hot and sultry during summer while it turns pretty agreeable and delightful during winter. Being a thriving pilgrim destination of Southern India, Guruvayoor receives a corpulent rush of the devotees all round the year and the climatic propriety or convenience doesnt make much difference. The city mainly enjoys three seasons; summer, monsoon and winter.

Summer in Guruvayoor extends from March to May when the weather turns remarkably hot and dry. The maximum temperature during summer attains to the level of 37c while the minimum temperature touches the stage of 28c. Due to its proximity with the sea, the climate is particularly marked with noticeable humidity and moisture.

Monsoon takes up the charge in the month of June and retains the reign till September. The city receives moderate to heavy rains yet the atmosphere remains quite warm and sweaty during this season too. The time span between August and November is associated with numerous temple festivals which summons the devotees of Lord Krishna from near and far.

Winter sets in during the month of December and lasts till February when temperature ranges from 23c to 30c. The ambience turns extremely pleasant and refreshing during this period of time and winter can be deemed as the most ideal season for visiting Guruvayoor both for the temple Darshana and the outdoor sightseeing.