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Gangtok Culture

Adventure sports in Gangtok : Gangtok provides a perfect place to let the hair down for the adventure enthusiasts. With the high mountain ranges cascading down the valley, Gangtok is a paradise for the lovers of trekking, Mountain Biking and parasailing. Though guides along with gears necessary for such adventure sports are readily available, travelers are advised not to venture into such sports on rough weather
Momo- the Gangtok delicacy: Though the influx of International tourists are giving rise to multicuisine restaurants all over Gangtok, this abode of high hills is the birthplace of the momos. Available in both its steamed and fried variety, Momos are avidly eaten by the locals as well as the tourists. Momo stalls are rampant in the streets and the natives make a booming business of this Sikkimese delicacy during the tourist season.
Food Specialities: Tibetan Food

Festival in Gangtok

Saga Dawa: It is an important Tibetan Buddhist Festival. It is observed on the full moon day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar of the Buddhists. This day observes people going to the monasteries to offer lamps endowed with butter. The monks go around the town reading scriptures.
Phang Lhabsol: This is a unique festival of Sikkim. Celebrated in the month of September,this festival observes prayers being offered to Mount Kanchendzonga, the guardian deity of the town along with Yadbu, the supreme commander.
Dasain: It is the biggest and most important festival of the Hindu Nepali population is celebrated in September-October. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil.