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Weather In Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar experiences the ‘monsoon climate’ which can be classified under three major seasons; summer, monsoon and winter. The climate of Gandhinagar generally remains hot and dry all round the year except for the monsoon months when the city receives heavy rainfalls.

Summer in Gandhinagar extends from March to June when the maximum temperature fluctuates between 36°c and 42°c while the minimum temperature ranges from 27°c to 19°c. The torridness reaches its zenith in the month of May when the weather turns particularly blazing and fiery and the tourists; especially from the cold regions of the country really can’t bear the baking winds of summer. It is highly recommended to avoid summer for sightseeing in Gandhinagar, yet if you still visit the capital of Gujarat in summer, you must carry sun canopies and wear very light cotton clothes.

Monsoon that extends from Mid June to September is characterized with medium to heavy rainfalls fetched by the southwest monsoon. During this season the temperature records a slight descend and this garden city of Gujarat wears the lush green coat of emerald foliage. The climate gets considerably humid and the city receives about 803.4 mm of average annual rainfall.

Winter that extends from November to February is the most pleasant and amicable season at Gandhinagar. Though never really cold, this season is quite cool and agreeable. The average maximum temperature of a winter day in Gandhinagar is recorded to be about 29°c while the mercury can drop as down as 14°c. The overall climate of winter is extremely dry but highly recommended for tourism and sightseeing. Light woolen clothes can be worn in Gandhinagar during winter.