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Gandhinagar Sightseeing

Akshardham TempleLocated on National Highway 8c
Capital Complex (Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan) Located in the sector 10 of the city
Adalaj Stepwell Situated about 18 kilometers away from Gandhinagar
Sarita UdyanLocated in sector 9
Children's ParkmLocated in the Sector 28
Indroda ParkLocated in a village named Indroda in sector 9
PunitvanBased in sector 19 of Gandhinagar
Craftsmen's Village: PethapurLocated at the distance of just 7 kilometers from Gandhinagar
Mahatma MandirLocated in sector 13 of Gandhinagar just two kilometers away from the State Vidhan Sabha building
Gujarat Science CityLocated at Hebatpur of Ahmedabad approximately 20 kilometers away from Gandhinagar
AhmedabadLocated just 23 kilometers from Gandhinagar

Akshardham Temple

Location: Located on National Highway 8c
Akshardham Temple of Gandhinagar a potpourri of art, architecture, devotion, culture, education, research and exhibition is commended as one of the largest temple complexes of the state of Gujarat. Established by Bochasanwasi Akshar-Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) under the leadership of the Pramukh Swami Maharaj, this vaishnavite temple of Gandhinagar is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan i.e. Sahajanand Swami; the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Inaugurated on 2nd November 1992, this temple complex comprises of a sprawling setup of 23 acres. The Akshardham Temple is elegantly chiseled out of pink sandstone disclosing the artistic ingenuity of its creators from every single angle.
The main sanctum of Akshardham houses a 7 foot tall idol of Lord Swaminarayan entirely plated in 1.2 tonnes of gold. This idol is flanked with two of his disciples on either side. Swami Gunatitanand is on his right and Swami Gopalanand on his left. The extensive garden surrounding the master architecture of Akshardham Temple is named ‘Sahajanand Van’ and is celebrated for its single-piece marble statuette of Lord Swaminarayan, cultural spots, games and rides available for children, herbal garden, a beautiful lake and a charming waterfall. Tourists can also enjoy a special light and sound show that is organized here almost everyday. Hundreds of devotees come here just to enlighten themselves with the teachings of the Sanatan Dharma.
The Akshardham Temple of Delhi is fashioned after this Akshardham of Gandhinagar.

Capital Complex (Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan)

Location: Located in the sector 10 of the city
The Capital Complex of Gandhinagar located in the sector 10 of the city is the most hustling bustling division and the most essential work place of the state capital of Gujarat. Also popularly known as the ‘Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan’ this monument is named after a renowned Indian legislator, a political leader and the co-founder of the Swaraj Party; Vithalbhai Patel who was also the elder brother of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel; the Iron Man of India. The Capital Complex houses the Secretariat, the High Court, the Legislative Assembly, the Offices of Heads of Departments and a number of other Government Offices. Positioned on the south-eastern end of the central axis road no.4, The Capital Complex of Gandhinagar is spread over the extensive area of 75 hectares. This imperial building majestically standing over an elevated podium in the heart of a circular lake is crowned with a transcendental dome. The building is flanked by two suspended corridors annexing it to two new-fashioned multi-storied buildings; Sardar Bhavan and Narmada Bhavan. Sardar Bhavan houses various departments of the State Secretariat where as Narmada Bhavan accommodates the offices of the heads of the departments. The Capital Complex of Gandhinagar is held in much high esteem as the Vidhan Sabha of the state of Gujarat is lodged here. Tourists need to acquire prior permission from the authority to pay a visit to the Capital Complex of Gandhinagar.

Adalaj Stepwell

Location: Situated about 18 kilometers away from Gandhinagar
Situated about 18 kilometers away from Gandhinagar, Adalaj Stepwell; widely reckoned as ‘Adalaj Ni Vav’ in Gujarat is an architectural marvel and a must visit historic place. This seven storied structure was built in 1499 AD during the dominion of Virsinh; a Vaghela Chief, under the patronage of his wife ‘Rani Rudabai’. This step well, furnished with wide stepped corridors, cool chambers and spacious Verandahs, is bedecked with intricately carved sculptures and artistic motifs. The walls and the pillars of Adalaj Ni Vav are ornamented with the elaborate patterns of birds, animals, flowers, leaves, fish, Hindu Gods and Goddesses and other ornate designs. In ancient times this step well was mainly used in summer for resting and socializing. Moreover, the travelers and caravans passing through this trade route used to frequent this ‘Vav’ as their stopover and resting place. Highly exalted for its unique and unequalled architectural dexterity, the Adalaj Ni Vav or the Adalaj Stepwell is a much sought after tourist destination near Gandhinagar. The Archaeological department of the Government of Gujarat has accepted the responsibility of preserving this antique testimonial of the glorious history of Gujarat.

Sarita Udyan

Location: Located in sector 9
Sarita Udyan of Gandhinagar located in sector 9 of this ‘green city’ is a garden set up on the banks of the River Sabarmati. The name ‘Sarita Udyan’ itself suggests its geographical position as ‘Sarita’ means river and ‘Udyan’ means garden. This botanical garden affluent with the wide variety of flora appears particularly gorgeous and spectacular when the dazzling flowers of the garden are in their full bloom. This lovely Udyan perched overlooking the Sabarmati riverfront serves as an ideal and idyllic picnic spot both for the locals as well as tourists. Specially beckoning those who are interested in horticulture, floriculture and botany, the Sarita Udyan equally enchants casual voyagers to come and repose in its serene and tranquil ambience. Relaxing in the midst of the calm and composed milieu of the garden and feeling the cool river breezes is indeed a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience.
This well maintained botanical garden is being developed as a fabulous recreational berth endowed with several entertainment facilities. An additional attraction of the Sarita Udyan is the Indroda Deer Park located close by. This profoundly cherished picnic spot of Gandhinagar can be visited all twelve months of the year with the only exception of the days marked with heavy rains. People flock Sarita Udyan in large numbers along with their families and friends to relax and enjoy in the vicinity of pristine nature. Thronged by the health makers in the morning and evening for strolls and jogging, the Sarita Udyan is very well maintained by the specially hired gardeners. As this garden is situated right in the center of the city, it is easy to reach Sarita Udyan through different local transportation modes including buses, auto rickshaws and taxis.

Children's Park

Location: Located in the Sector 28
Children’s Park of Gandhinagar located in the Sector 28 is a scintillating nature park that intrigues both the kids and adults alike. A noteworthy endearment for the children as well as the holiday makers, this Children’s Park is an amusement turf and a merriment hub much loved by tourists and nature lovers. The all embracing carpets of lush vegetation, flamboyant foliage and blossoming and sweet smelling florets of this garden certainly create an Arcadia on the earth. The extravagant greenery of this garden is further augmented by the pulchritudinous lake cuddled in the middle of flourishing verdure. The visitors enjoy boating in this charming lake of Children’s Park. Kids explicitly love taking a ride in the mini train of this Children’s Park.

Indroda Park

Location: Located in a village named Indroda in sector 9
Indroda Park of Gandhinagar, located in a village named Indroda in sector 9 is a nature park established by the ‘Geological Survey of India’ and presently run under the administration of the ‘Gujarat Ecological and Research Foundation’ (GEER). Indroda Park celebrated as the ‘second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world’ and hailed as ‘India’s Jurassic Park’ is divided into several sections including a Jurassic Theme Park, Deer Park, Snake Park, Birds Park and an aquarium. The Jurassic Park of Indroda honored to be the only dinosaur museum in the country exhibits the life-size models of the dinosaurs along with the information about their characteristics and the details of each age in which they existed.
Moreover, the park also houses a number of fossilized dinosaur eggs and skeletons dated back to approximately 65 million years. The eggs of dinosaurs displayed here vary in their sizes; some of them are as gigantic as cannon balls. These fossils were found in Balasinor, Kheda, Panchamahal and Vadodara. The Deer Park, also popularly reckoned as ‘GEER Foundation Park’ shelters a wide range of different species of deer found in India. The Snake Park houses various breeds of snakes available in and around the state of Gujarat while the Bird Park harbors distinct categories of birds flying freely in big enclosures. The aquarium in the Indroda Park enchants children with its variant colorful fish. Indroda Park also houses animals like deer, wild boar, hare, porcupine, and many other mammals and reptiles.


Location: Based in sector 19 of Gandhinagar
Punitvan is a botanical garden based in sector 19 of Gandhinagar. This garden is particularly commended for displaying a brilliant fusion of vegetation with Zodiac Signs. Punitvan is also reckoned for its Amphitheater.

Craftsmen's Village: Pethapur

Location: Located at the distance of just 7 kilometers from Gandhinagar
Pethapur, located at the distance of just 7 kilometers from Gandhinagar is accredited with the salutation ‘the Craftsmen’s Village’. Nestled on the banks of the river Sabarmati, the Pethapur Village was extremely famous for its traditional Bandhini Saris in olden days. Apart from that, Pethapur was also reputed for exporting wooden printing blocks to Singapore. These wooden printing blocks carved with elegant patterns are used for hand-printing on clothes. These printing blocks made in Pethapur are still in demand in the major hand printing centers of India such as Ahmedabad, Jetpur, Rajkot and Mumbai. The craftsmen of Pethapur are mainly from Gujjar Suthar cast. Pethapur provides a very good market to buy saris and hand printed fabrics at genuinely reasonable prices.

Mahatma Mandir

Location: Located in sector 13 of Gandhinagar just two kilometers away from the State Vidhan Sabha building
The Mahatma Mandir located in sector 13 of Gandhinagar just two kilometers away from the State Vidhan Sabha building is a ‘Convention cum Exhibition Centre’ that reflects the life and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi; the Father of the Nation. This project of building a 25,000 square meters complex is being undertaken by L&T. Once completed, the Mahatma Mandir Complex will accommodate different halls for museum, exhibition center, conference halls, convention center, open air theater, auditorium, meditation room, prayer hall, food court, service building, parking facilities, suspension bridge, landscaping, pathway, salt mound, a grand spinning wheel, etc. Subsequently, international meets, conferences, conventions, seminars, exhibitions, etc will be organized here. The column free and air conditioned convention center of Mahatma Mandir will have the capacity of accommodating more than 5000 people at a time. Other than that, all the literature and information related to Mahatma Gandhi will be made available here for the people who want to know more about the life and deeds of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gujarat Science City

Location: Located at Hebatpur of Ahmedabad approximately 20 kilometers away from Gandhinagar
Gujarat Science City located at Hebatpur of Ahmedabad approximately 20 kilometers away from Gandhinagar is a science city constituted by the Government of Gujarat with an objective of drawing more and more students towards science and technology. Gujarat Science City is credited for hosting India’s first IMAX 3D theatre and India’s largest and biggest dancing musical fountain. Additional attractions of the Science City include an Energy Park, Hall of Science, Hall of Space, an Amphitheatre, Planet Earth, etc. The Hall of Space positioned on the ground floor of the Science City houses various exhibits related to Space Exploration, Geosynchronous Satellite, Seven Screen Projection, Solar Theatre, Mars Capsule, Chandrayyan, Rockets etc. Hall of Science boarded on the first floor displays various demonstrations associated with Power Transmission, Power Bicycle, Celestial Motion, Lift your own weight, Doppler’s Effect, Grand Shuttle, Aerodynamics, Aqua Mobil, Pneumatic Mail, Lissajous Pendulum, Parabola, Hyperbola, Elliptical Carom Board, Mirror Maze, Multiple Reflections etc. The Thrill Ride Stimulator provides the experience of flying in an aerobatic aircraft, riding a roller coaster, a journey into space and many more. The Gujarat Science City near Gandhinagar offers an extremely informative and at the same time equally entertaining experience. Tourists, as well as those interested in science and its miraculous powers make it a point to visit the Gujarat Science City of Ahmedabad.


Location: Located just 23 kilometers from Gandhinagar
Ahmedabad , located just 23 kilometers from Gandhinagar is the precursory capital and the current judicial and commercial capital of the state of Gujarat. Renowned as ‘The Manchester of the East’ and ‘the Karmabhumi of Mahatma Gandhi’, this city presents a fine admixture of historical and cultural heritage, tradition and vibrant modernism. The eventful and prosperous historical background of ‘Ahmedabad’ and the present industrial hustle bustle offers the visitor a rich kaleidoscopic and mystically panoramic experience to take away with. Situated on the banks of the river Sabarmati, Ahmedabad offers a fascinating evidence of the happy alliance of Hindu and Islamic art and culture. Some of the most important tourist attractions of Ahmedabad include Sabarmati Ashram, Jumma Mosque, Sarkhej Roza, Sidi Sayed Mosque, Jhulta Minara, Hutheesing Jain Temple, Rani Rupmati’s Mosque, Teen Darawaza, Kamla Nehru Zoo, Vastrapur Lake, Kankariya Lake, ISKCON temple, Jagannath Temple, Shanku Water Park, Sardar Patel Stadium, etc.