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Gandhinagar Culture

Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat and the twin city of Ahmedabad is particularly reckoned for its exceptionally well planned and systematically architectured metropolitan outline and its evergreen gardens adorning and at the same time canopying this splendid burghal. The chief languages spoken at Gandhinagar are Gujarati, Hindi and English. Even though the cosmopolitan culture of Gandhinagar accommodates the people of all religions, casts and creeds in its heart, Hinduism is the principal religion of Gandhinagar whereas the Ahir tribes were the native tribes of Gandhinagar whose main occupation was selling milk and ghee.
Gandhinagar; a representative of ancient Gujarati culture and legacy is expert at some of the most important Gujarati arts and crafts including wood carvings. These wood carvings can be spotted abundantly in the numerous ornately carved temples, mansions and palaces of Gandhinagar. Not only that, the masterly craft of the artisans of Gandhinagar is also evident in the small objects used for daily routines as well as the ritualistic objects and utensils. All the native tribes of Gandhinagar are expert at terracotta work and making unique ethnic jewellery.
The Gujaratis are enthusiastic, co operative, friendly and food loving by nature. The special mouth watering cuisine enjoyed at Gandhinagar includes Thepla, Khakhra, Bajra no Rotlo, Parotha, Dhokla, Khandvi, Sev Khamani, Lilva Kachori, Muthia, Cholafali, Fafda, Kadhi Khichadi, Undhiyu, Sev Tameta nu Shaak, Khichu, Sutarfeni, Kansar, Keri no Ras, Mohan Thal, Sukhdi, Sukhdi, Somaras, Jigarthanda, Etc. The markets of Gandhinagar are full with Khadi and Cotton Clothes, Salwar, Kurta, Saris, Trousers, Shirts, Suits, Traditional Chaniya Choli, Handcrafted Decorative Items, Bags, Bangles, Pottery Items, Carpets, etc. and tourists make it a point to take some of these souvenirs home.
The vibrant and wholehearted dimension of the Gujarati people of Gandhinagar is exhibited through their festivals and manner of merrymaking. Apart from Diwali, Holi, Dussera, New Year and other Hindu, Muslim and Christian festivals celebrated with supreme joy and zest, the people of Gandhinagar more enjoy the festival of music and dance i.e. Navaratri. Celebrated for nine consecutive days, the Navaratri Festival showcases the unparalleled talent of the Gujaratis in performing Garba, Raas and Dandiya. Young men and women dance to the tune of new and old folk songs in a circle around the idol of Goddess Durga (Amba); the patron Goddess of Navaratri Festival. People wear the traditional apparel of Chaniya Choli at the time of performing Garba. Other than the Navaratri Festival, the citizens of Gandhinagar also enjoy the Kite Flying Festival of Uttarayan that falls in the month of January every year.
The economy of Gandhinagar is supported by its various industries, thermal power station, software technology parks and IT parks, Gujarat International Finance Tech City and the flourishing tourism industry. Except for this, Gandhinagar has excelled both at the national and international front in the fields of education and research. Gandhinagar has also made its mark in the domain of sports. The famous test cricket ground the Sardar Patel Stadium of Motera is located close by and the Sports Authority of India is located in sector 15 of Gandhinagar.