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Weather In Gandhidham

The weather of Gandhidham can be classified as a hot tropical climate characterized with burning summers, cool winters and torrential monsoon rainfalls.

Summer in Gandhidham extends from March to June when the mercury level escalates to an unbearable degree which renders the weather extremely feverish and blazing. The maximum temperature of a summer day in Gandhidham easily crosses the stage of 42c and smolders the entire region with its scorching heat. The torrid summer winds blowing over the kindled desert of Kutch bake the complete terrain and sightseeing or even sitting quietly inside the hotel room turns next to impossible for the outsiders. The minimum temperature of summer in Gandhidham never drops below 28c and tourists are advised to avoid visiting Gandhidham in this season of immense sear.

Monsoon arrive in the month of late June and last till September when due to its proximity to the sea Gandhidham receives wild and exuberant rain showers. The harsh and heavy downpours bring the temperature down to a considerable level but the deluging outbursts of rains disturb and disrupt the daily routine of the citizens. Monsoon is also not the ideal season to pay a visit to Gandhidham.

Winter sets in during the month of late October or early November and lasts till late February or early March. Winter is also marked with the extreme kind of climate typical to the desert provinces yet, this is the best time of the year for sightseeing and tourism purposes in Gandhidham. During the winter months temperature ranges between 7c and 27c and the chilly desert winds of night render the winter midnights even more freezing. The tourists are recommended to carry proper woolen garments along if they are planning a visit to Gandhidham in winter. Winter is regarded as the best period of the year for paying a visit to Gandhidham.