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Weather In Dharamshala

Summer:Dharamshala experiences summer from the month of March to June. Temperature mostly remains from 22 to 38 degree Celsius. This season is preferred by the tourists interested in adventure sports.

Monsoon:The season from July to September observes heavy rainfall in Dharamshala. Tourists are normally advised to avoid this period.

Winter: The period from December to February brings down chilly weather in Dharamshala. Sometimes, the temperature falls below 4 degree Celsius and in the month of January, Dharamshala often experiences heavy snowfall, sometimes leading to the blockade of roads.
The beast time to hop into Dharamshala is from May to October. It is advisable to avoid the months of July and August that bring down heavy rainfall in the region. However, if you are looking forward to enjoy the sight of a snow-capped mountain range, then the months from December to February would be ideal.