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Dharamshala Tourist Tips

Telephone Code : (01892), International (+91)
Pin Codes : 1762xxx
Best Time to Visit : October to May
Local Transport: Auto-rickshaw, Bus

Shopping Tips

Etiquette: The people of Dharamshala are peace-loving and hospitable. Since Tourism is the primary industry of this region, they welcome the tourists with warmth and an open heart.
Getting around: By auto-rickshaw and bus.
Best clothing and accessories required: Light woolens for the summers and heavy woolen clothes for the winter months. A drink water bottle and a handkerchief are the must-haves irrespective of the season Dharamshala is visited.


The best place to shop in Dharamshala is the Kotwali Bazaar. It is representative of the actual color and lifestyle of the Tibetan community of the town.