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Weather In Dehradun

Dehradun generally experiences temperate and salubrious kind of climatic conditions characterized with warm summers, cool winters and mild monsoons.

Summer in Dehradun extends between March and June when the clime is quite pleasant and warm. The maximum temperature at Dehradun in summer is reported to be around 35c which drops down to the level of 17c occasionally. Periodic downpours are also experienced in summer at Dehradun when temperature even goes as down as 16c.

Monsoon sets in during the month of July and extends till September when Dehradun experiences medium to heavy rainfalls. The winds from Arabian Sea bring the rain clouds to this plateau and the average annual rainfall recorded here is 2073.3 mm. Humidity remains very high during July and August. Monsoon gives real relief from the heat of summer and infuses life into every aspect of nature.

Winter ranges from November to February when the hilly terrains of Dehradun experience frequent snow fall. The maximum temperature of winter in Dehradun is about 22c and that of minimum is recorded to be nearly 3c. Even though the hill tops are crowned with snow during winter, the temperature scarcely falls below freezing level. The perfect season to visit Dehradun is all round the year, but it is recommended to avoid the month of January as this period of the year is particularly marked with heavy snowfall and extreme cold weather.