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Weather In Daman

Daman enjoys mild and moderate climate all round the year which, coupled with its enamoring landscapes and exotic beaches renders this port town an idyllic locale for reposing and merry making.

Summerin Daman extends from March to May when atmospheric temperature ranges between 18oc and 39oc. Daman doesnít experience scorching or sweltering summer but this season is marked with dry and humid days and cool nights. Even when mercury reaches up to the mark of 39oc, Damanís proximity with the sea and the constant chilly sea winds soften the summer heat. Summer is the best season to enjoy bathing in the swirling surfs of the sea. The palm fringed beaches of Daman lure the tourists to relax under the soothing shade and enjoy staring at the glimmering waters of the Arabian Sea. May is the hottest month of the year and tourists generally avoid visiting Daman during this period of time.

Monsoon follows the lead of summer and advents in the month of June. This is the best time of the year to visit Daman when the local fishermen celebrate the Nariyal Poornima festival and mark the onset of their fishing season. The beauty of the sea and the seashore is at its best, vegetation flourishes with all its fresh verdure and the entire plateau is basking in the juvenile grace of the new rains. Monsoon lasts till the month of September and drenches this littoral town with medium to heavy rains. The annual rainfall of Daman is reported to be about 1687 mm. Though the township receives heavy rains at times due to the depression in the sea and some of the tourists would not prefer this season for sightseeing, visiting Daman in monsoon and exploring the natural treasure of this place is indeed a fascinating experience.

Winter is marked with cool and pleasant days and chilly nights. During this season temperature ranges between 11oc and 20oc and tourists enjoy soaking in the solacing sunlight on the beach. Winter nights are significantly colder than the winter days and it is recommended to carry warm clothes along. During this season to the delight of bird lovers and ornithologists Daman receives a large number of migratory birds alighted here from the remote countries.

The best season to pay a visit to Daman is from October to March when the ambience is at its primo and the climate is ideal for sightseeing. If you want to witness the fishermen at work, you should visit Daman between September and December.