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Weather In Dalhousie

Dalhousie, perched at the altitude of 1954 meters above the sea level amidst the Dhauladhar Mountain Range and surrounded by grandiose snow clad Himalayan Peaks experiences cool and convivial climate all round the year. The weather generally remains pleasant in the morning, turns warm in the afternoon and gets considerably chilly and freezing in the evening and at night. The invigorating and energizing clime of Dalhousie beckons myriads of tourists, chiefly in summer to avoid the scorching heat and unwind in the lap of charming nature.

Summer in Dalhousie extends from March to May when the temperature ranges from 8c to 26c and the weather turns outstandingly appeasing and amicable. This is the best season for sightseeing and all the tourist activities in Dalhousie, and also for the nature walk and treks in the surrounding region. During the day time when the sun is out you can wear cotton or light woolen clothes but summer nights are notably cold and windy so you must carry wintertime gear along even in summer.

Monsoon sets in during the month of June and lasts till September when the Dalhousie terrain receives moderate sporadic downpours. The weather gets quite glacial when it drizzles and apart from the rain canopies, tourists must fetch woolens and jackets too to save themselves from the cold biting winds of evening and nights. However, rains infuse life in every aspect of nature and the Himalayan oak, deodar and pine forests are in full bloom during this period of time.

Winter in Dalhousie unfolds in December and retains the throne till February when the weather turns extremely cold and frigid and the temperature easily drops downer than the freezing point. General temperature of a winter day ranges between -10c and 10c and the plateau receives frequent snowfalls and snowstorms during this season. It is next to impossible to survive at Dalhousie in winter without heavy woolen clothes. Winter is not the ideal time for tourism purposes; however, those who want to enjoy the snow carpeted landscape could prefer to visit Dalhousie in winter as well.

The best season to visit Dalhousie is from March to November. July to November is desirable for short trips while December to February is suitable for those who like chilly climate more. The most ideal time for sightseeing in and around Dalhousie extends from March to June.