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Weather In Cuttack

Geographically positioned at the threshold of the Mahanadi - Kathajodi Delta and encircled by the Mahanadi River and its tributaries viz. Kathajodi, Birupa and Kuakhai from almost all the sides, Cuttack experiences tropical wet and dry climate which is characterized with hot summers, cold winters and medium to heavy rainfalls.
Summer in Cuttack extends from March to June when the weather turns significantly hot and humid. The average temperature of summer fluctuates in the range of 19c (minimum) and 45c (maximum) with April and May being the hottest months of the year. During the peak summer season, Cuttack even experiences intermittent thunderstorms. Due to the excessive heat & humidity, tourists generally tend to avoid visiting Cuttack during the summer months.
Monsoon follows the lead of summer in the month of July and yields great respite from the hot spell of sunny season with its rejuvenating sprinkles. Cuttack receives most of its precipitation from the South West Monsoon which lasts till early October and drenches the plateau with medium to heavy showers. The average temperature of Cuttack is reported to be about 33c during the rainy season and Cuttack gains around 144 cm of the annual rainfall. Moreover, owing to its proximity to the coast, the Cuttack city also encounters sporadic cyclones during monsoon.
Winter sets in during the month of November and lasts till February when the array of temperature ranges between 4c (minimum) and 22c (maximum). The cool northern breezes turn the climate considerably pleasing and salubrious and tourists generally prefer winter for outings and sightseeing in and around Cuttack. At times Cuttack also experiences episodic showers in winter. The most ideal season for paying a visit to Cuttack is from October to March.