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Weather In Chail

Chail experiences cool, salubrious and invigorating climate all twelve months of the year. The refreshing and revitalizing weather of Chail and its immensely resplendent and blissful ambience makes it an all season paradise. This lovely hill station laden with the freshly budding foliage is at its finest during monsoon while the blossoming rhododendron meadows, flourishing orchards and the colorful butterflies winging around add to the magical beauty of the vicinity in summer. Winter is unquestionably the most idyllic season for the nature lovers and honeymooners when the snow carpeted plateaus and the romantic snowfall produce the perfect setting for a fabulous vacation in the lap of Mother Nature.

Summer in Chail extends from March to early June when the average temperature prevails around 15c. The maximum swelter of the warmest summer day never rises above 30c while the mercury drops as down as 8c even in the peak midsummer months. Summer is the most awaited time of the year in Chail when the nature is at its primo and the environs turn out to be most appropriate for all kinds of tourist expeditions and sightseeing activities.

Monsoon at Chail commences in the month of June and stretches till mid September when medium to heavy downpours immerse the entire terrain in their ravishing drizzle. The average annual rainfall of Chail is reported to be around 1660 mm. The weather is significantly cold and humid during this time span and the average daily temperature hovers in the range of 20c to 30c. The undulating landscapes of Chail adorned in the green robe of the verdurous shrubbery look exclusively empyrean and vivacious during the rainy season and this hill town entirely painted in emerald green hue emerges as a painters passion and a poets inspiration. However, as the excessive rains cause landslides around Chail at times, the tourists generally prefer to avoid visiting Chail during monsoon.

Winter seizes the reigns in the month of October and retains the throne till late February or early March when the average temperature poises itself in the spectrum of 2c to 5c and the ambience turns tremendously cold and nippy. Due to the frequent snowfalls and the chilly winds the temperature plummets far below the freezing level. The minimum temperature of winter in Chail is recorded to be about -10c while the maximum temperature hardly crosses the limit of 10c even on the sunny winter day. Tourists are advised to wear heavy woolen clothes if visiting Chail in winter.

April to June and September to November is the most ideal time for all sorts of tourism activities in and around Chail.