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Calicut Tourism

State : Kerela
District: Calicut
Altitude : 1 meters
Best Tourist Season : September to May
Languages spoken : Malayalam
What to buy : waterpipes.
Food Specialties : Calicut Halwa
Attractions : Sweet street (Mithai Theravu), Lion’s Park.

About Calicut

Calicut, the capital of the district by the same name is a must-see for any tourist visiting “God’s own country”, Kerela. Located about 410 km north of the state capital of Trivandrum, Calicut is also known as Calicut, owing to a variety of hand-woven cloth called Calico that has been produced in this region since generations.
The city of Calicut is home to unimaginable variety and boundless resources. The very air of the city exudes an amalgamated aroma of the musty fragrance of History and the crispness of industries. The famous European explorer Vasco da Gamais had first set his foot upon India in one of the isolated beach of here as early as 1498. Calicut has also been under the reign of the Zamorins, who ruled this city before the arrival of the British. It is during this time that Calicut was even made the capital of Malabar.
The third largest city of Kerela, Calicut is a kaleidoscope of varied emotions and experience. While, the abundance of natural beaches, backwater valleys, cascading water falls and ancient monuments appeal to the romantically inclined, the wide availability of pure Indian spices are of interest to the home makers and businessmen. Apart from these, a rich wildlife sanctuary, a hugely popular sweet street, a theme park for family outing, a Bird Sanctuary, lovely gardens, art galleries showcasing classical works by renowned artists and musical fountains are just a handful among the numerous other attractions that await a tourist in Calicut. If you are looking forward to a vacation that would guarantee something for every member of your family, Calicut is exactly the place for you to be.

What to eat in Calicut

  • Main course: Malabar Biriyani with the mutton tender and the rice flaked.
  • Side dish
    ‘Alisa’: husked wheat cooked with chicken
    ‘Muttamala’ or ‘Egg-Garland’: the yolk of the egg cooked in mildly sweet syrup and the white serving as a pudding, decorating the centre.
  • Sea food: Arikadaka (a mixture of mussels cooked in rice flour)
  • Desert: Calicut Halwa
  • Snacks: Kozhikodan banana chips.
What to buy from Calicut
  • Koyilandi Hookah: those interested in water pipes must make it a point to visit the nearby village of Koyilandi. It excels in the preparation of Hookah. Available in all sizes and shapes, the cost of these Hookahs are anywhere between 500 – 15,000.