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Weather In Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar geographically situated to the south west of Mahanadi River in the eastern coastal plains of the state of Orissa experiences a Tropical Savanna Climate.

Summer in Bhubaneshwar sets in during the month of March and retains the throne till later part of May or early June. Summer happens to be an extremely hot season here when temperature frequently reaches the level of 45c. The scorching rays of the blazing summer sun render the climate quite torrid and sweltering. Visiting Bhubaneshwar during the summer months is not at all recommended. Bhubaneshwar occasionally experiences afternoon thunderstorms in the months of April and May.

Monsoon arrives in the month of June and gives a real relief from the burning heat of summer. The city is blessed with medium to heavy rain showers and the average annual rainfall of Bhubaneshwar is recorded to be 154 cm. Most of the downpour drenches the plateau from June to October. Rains are carried to Bhubaneshwar by the South west Monsoon.

Winter follows the rainy season and takes over the reigns in the month of late November or early December. This is the most pleasant season of the year and perfect for sight seeing. The maximum temperature of winter in Bhubaneshwar is recorded to be 15c while it goes as down as 7c at nights. The best season to visit Bhubaneshwar is October to March.