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Wildlife In Bandipur

The undulating landscape of the Bandipur National Park attributed with diverse geographical and ecological features and enshrouded under dry deciduous forests, shrub lands and moist deciduous forests supports multifarious species of vegetation including timber trees, flowering & fruiting trees and shrubs. The chief amongst them being; Sandalwood, Rosewood, Teak, Indian Laurel, Bamboo, Indian Kino Tree, Kadam Tree, Indian Gooseberry, Flame of the Forest, Satinwood, Golden Shower Tree, Black Cutch, Indigoberry, Axlewood, Black Myrobalan, and many others.


Indian Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Wild Dog, Dhole, Sambar, Chital, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Four-Horned Antelope, Muntjac, Gaur, Indian Giant Squirrels, Common Langur, Gray Langur, Porcupine, etc.

Peafowl, Grey Junglefowl, Changeable Hawk-Eagles, Crested Serpent Eagles, Indian Rollers, Indian Vultures, Red-Headed Vultures, Honey Buzzards, Hoopoes, Drongos, Brown Fish Owls, Flowerpeckers, Crows, etc.

Common Rose, Crimson Rose, Lime Butterfly, Red Helen, Common Mormon, Blue Mormon, Common Grass Yellow, Spotless Grass Yellow, Nilgiri Clouded Yellow, Caper White, Lesser Orange Tip, White Orange Tip, Tawny Coster, Malabar Raven, Mottled Emigrant, Great Evening Brown, Glad Eye Bushbrown, Common Jezebel, Common Leopard, Chestnutstreaked Sailer, Rustic, Colour Sergeant, Peacock Pansy, Chocolate Pansy, Red Pierrot, Banded Blue Pierrot, Angled Pierrot, Zebra Blue, Lime Blue, Common Cerulean, Grey Count, Red Baron, Blue Admiral, Metallic Cerulean, Chestnut Bob, Glassy Blue Tiger, Common Silverline, Indian Cupid, and many others.

Indian Rock Python, Spectacled Cobra, Vipers, Rat Snake, Indian Chameleon, Monitor Lizards, Flying Lizards, Muggers, Agamids, Indian Pond Terrapin, etc.

Jungle Safari

Van Safari
A 30 minutes long van safari costs around 75 INR per person. Each van can carry about 25 tourists at a time. The Van Safari timings are 6:30 am to 9:00 am and 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

Bus Safari
Organized by the Bandipur National Park authorities, the Bus Safari offers you a 45 minutes long odyssey within the internal alcoves of the jungle. 95 INR are charged per person for the Bus Safari and each bus possesses the capacity of carrying around 35 persons at a time.

Jeep Safari
Though being the most expensive safari ride, the Open Jeep Safari is the best and most exciting mode of transport within the jungle premises. Apart from perceiving the pulchritudinous vistas of the surrounding verdure, a Jeep Safari proffers a better probability of spotting the wild animals and capturing them in your cameras. The Jeep Safari costs around 2200 INR per vehicle and maximum six people can be accommodated in each of them. Each Jeep Safari lasts for about 90 minutes. Only four trips are organized in a day; two in the morning (at 6:30 am and at 8:00 am) and two in the evening (at 3:30 pm and at 5:00 pm)

Elephant Rides
An Elephant Ride is what allures the kids to no extent. Forest Department also organizes elephant rides at the Bandipur National Park which costs just 120 INR per person. The ride lasts for about 20 minutes and it takes you around a limited portion.