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Weather In Bandipur

The Bandipur plateau experiences typical tropical climate which is characterized with warm but tolerable summers, pleasantly cool winters and medium to heavy rainfalls. The average annual temperature of Bandipur generally flutters in the range of 24c and 28c.

Summerin Bandipur extends from March to May when the weather turns considerably hot and dry. The temperature ranges between 22c and 40c and sometimes the excessive heat even kindles the forest fires. However, many tourists prefer this season better for the jungle safaris in the Bandipur National Park. It is highly recommended that the tourists should wear light cotton clothes and carry sun protections such as hats, scarves, sun screen lotion and water bottles along if visiting Bandipur in summer. Occasionally Bandipur also experiences uncommon summer rains (mango showers) in later summer months.

Monsoon strikes the Bandipur region twice a year. The southwest monsoon drenches the terrain from June to September while the northeast monsoon submerges the mesa of Bandipur from November to February. The heavy monsoonal precipitations bring a great respite from the sweltering summer heat and the entire woodland embellished with the newly blossoming verdure looks exceedingly splendid and resplendent. Though the tourists tend to avoid visiting Bandipur during monsoon, this is the season when the vernal nature is at its best.

Winter in Bandipur lasts from November to February when the temperature hovers in the range of 11c to 25c and the weather turns significantly amicable and gratifying. Winter is the most ideal season for spending your vacation in the lap of Mother Nature at Bandipur. The wild animals are most active during this period of time which increases the chances of spotting wildlife in the Bandipur National Park.