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Weather In Bandhavgarh

The undulating landscape of Bandhavgarh cuddled in the midst of the Vindhya & Satpura Ranges, nurtured by Son, Johilla and Umrar Rivers and wrapped up in the exuberant foliage of the Sal, Salai, Saja and Dhobin woods, dense bamboo thickets, long stretches of grasslands and mixed deciduous forests experiences North Indian Monsoonal Climate characterized with cool, pleasing winters, scorching hot summers and heavy rainfalls.

Summer in Bandhavgarh sets in during the month of March and lasts till May when the weather turns exceedingly hot and dry. The average climatic temperature ranges between 24c (minimum) and 48c (maximum). The wild animals become considerably lazy and sluggish and they avoid venturing out in the woods particularly during the blazing afternoons. This renders the chances of animal sighting meager so tourists generally dont prefer visiting the Bandhavgarh National Park all along the summer. However, if you are planning a trip to Bandhavgarh in summer, it is advisable that you should carry sun protections such as caps, scarves, sun screen lotion, water bottles, etc along and wear light cotton clothes.

Monsoon in Bandhavgarh extends from June to November when heavy downpours drench the plateau and the entire timberland cleansed with the juvenile rains and teeming with the newly grown luxuriant verdure appears thoroughly bright and youthful. These precipitations infuse life in every aspect of nature and yield a great respite from the broiling heat of summer. Bandhavgarh receives about 1200 mm of the average annual rainfall and due to the abundance of rains the park remains closed for the visitors from 1st July to 15th October every year. Notwithstanding, when the park reopens in October tourists are recommended to carry umbrellas and other rain covers along because even during these months rains can arrive without any intimation.

Winter extends from December to February when the mornings and nights are marked with biting cold while the afternoons are significantly pleasant and agreeable. The wild animals are super active during this season which increases the chances of animal sighting. The average temperature of winter season ranges between 4c (minimum) and 20c (maximum) and tourists are advised to wear woolen clothes while going out for the jungle safari. As the sun rises late and sets early during winter the safaris in the park also start late and end early as compared to rest of the year. October to April is the most ideals time for visiting the Bandhavgarh National Park.