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Weather In Badrinath

Badrinath, cuddled in the lap of the Garhwal Hills at the altitude of about 3,753 meters above the sea level experiences intensely cold and frigid weather conditions all round the year. The average temperature of this mountainous arena generally ranges between 18c and 8c and tourists are advised to carry heavy woolen clothes along when they pay a visit to Badrinath. The three main seasons experienced in this celestial land of Lord Vishnu include summer, monsoon and winter.

Summer in Badrinath sets in during the month of March and extends up to late June. The summer days characterized with moderate and temperate climate are exceptionally pleasant and salubrious. The maximum temperature of a day in summer goes up to 18c while occasionally it drops down to 10c at night. The summer nights at Badrinath are comparatively chilly and freezing. Sometimes sporadic rainfalls are also experienced at Badrinath during summer which renders the climate even colder. Tourists are advised to carry light woolen clothes if they are scheduling a voyage to Badrinath during summer. Summer is the most bearable and most amicable season for sightseeing in Badrinath. Even the Badrinath Temple of Lord Vishnu is kept open during the summer season.

Monsoon succeeds summer from the month of July and lasts till October when Badrinath is drenched with heavy rain falls. During this season a considerable drop down is recorded in temperature and the mercury level never crosses the mark of 13c. Due to the heavy rains a pilgrimage to Badrinath becomes quite difficult as the roads are slippery or blocked as a result of constant downpours.

Winter in Badrinath extends from November to February when the climate turns exceedingly cold and frosty. The penetrating and nippy winds of winter are often coupled with regular snow falls and the average temperature of winter is reported to be about 5c. Most of the times and particularly at nights due to heavy snowfalls temperature even touches subzero levels and the weather turns utterly intolerable for the outsiders. As the whole terrain gets snow bound, tourists are advised to avoid visiting Badrinath in winter. Even the Badrinath Temple remains open only from the first week of May till the second week of November.
The most preferable season for paying a visit to Badrinath is from March to September with an extension till November.