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Weather In Amritsar

Amritsar faces a semiarid kind of climatic condition where both summer and winter is experienced in its extremity. This is a typical Northwestern Indian weather resulted from its remoteness with the coast. Summer extends from April to June when the climate is extremely hot and burning. Temperature reaches to the level of 49c which is really difficult to be endured, especially for those who have arrived from the cold regions of the country and globe. It is not advisable to pay a visit to Amritsar in this season. Winter ranges from November to March which brings freezing cold and biting winds along. Temperature frequently touches the mark of -4c and the highest temperature of winter is recorded to be about 18c. Monsoon sets in during the month of July and remains till October. Amritsar is drenched with mild to heavy rains during this season and weather becomes really pleasant and relieved from the scorching heat of the summer. Annual rainfall of Amritsar is recorded to be 681 mm. the best season to visit Amritsar is October to March.