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Weather In Ajmer

Under the ‘Köppen Climate Classification’, the weather of Ajmer is categorized as a hot semi-arid climate. The city experiences hot summers, heavy rains and pleasant and moderate winters and due to its proximity with the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, the climatic temperature remains relatively high all twelve months of the year.
Summer in Ajmer extends from April to early July when the average daily temperature continues to be about 30°c. This period of the year is exceedingly sweltering and scorching and the maximum temperature of a summer day in Ajmer is reported to be around 40°c. At times it even crosses that level but the temperature never drops downer than 28°c. Typically it is recommended that the tourists should avoid paying a visit to Ajmer in the months of May and June.

Monsoon sets in during the month of August and offers medium to heavy rains till early October. The average annual rainfall of Ajmer is recorded to be 550 mm out of which the maximum downpour is received between June and September. The city frequently experiences heavy rains and thunderstorms, even though generally there are no floods in Ajmer. Monsoon soaks Ajmer in its refreshing radiance and the natural beauty of this city is at its best at this stage of time.

Winter spreads its splendor in Ajmer from December to March when temperature normally ranges between 18°c and 5°c. Winter months in Ajmer are extremely pleasing and amicable and this is the great time for tourism purposes. There is no humidity in the weather and the entire ambience turns mesmerizing and revitalizing due to the temperate climatic conditions. However, at times the cold waves bring the temperature as down to the freezing level.

The best time to pay a visit to Ajmer is from October to March if you are more interested in sight seeing. Some tourists also prefer the rainy season when the milieu is fervent with its newly received glow.